Cost to embroider your logo

Embroidered polo shirt

This is a great question that is asked from Apparel decorators very often.

This depends greatly on how the Embroider you're working with set the decoration price.

Usually price varies greatly because it is a custom product that depend on your logo complexity. The process is also time consuming.

Most decorators are still charging the traditional way where as the price is based on a certain number of stitches and the time it takes to recreate the logo. This methode is not necessarily  in the customer advantage because the customer does not have any idea of how many stitches it takes to embroider his logo. Unfortunately, the customer has to rely on the Embroider to digitize the logo and inform of the number of stitches. It is very difficult for the customer because you do not necessarily know that you're getting a fair deal. 

The other method is when the customer get the offer of a flat rate for the shirt where the embroidery fee is build in the cost of the shirt. In this method, there is no account of stitch number.  Somtimes, the Apparel decorator can set a maximum number of stitches for a set area. This method helps buyer make a decision fast and there is no need to estimate stitch.

Here at we use the flat pricing method because we find it easier for our customers.

Polo Shirt Materials, what you need to know:

Very simple question with not a so simple answer.

blended Embroidered polo shirtFabric like: Cotton, Polyester or a combinaison of both are mostly used to make polo shirts.  Both have some advantages and disadvantages. 

All natural cotton material is great for clothing. It it durable , solf to the skin and has been used for centuries to clothe our bodies.  It can easily shrink after many round in the wahser. It also tend to fade over time if the color of the shirt is dark.

Poyester is now making a name of its own by building a new reputation with non shrinking fabric and vibrant colors that do not fade. It is also more affordable. Now polyester shirts are emerging offering a moisture wicking that help you dry fast with performence clothing.

The best material for a polo shirt usualy depends on the needs, use and preference of the person buying it.